Welcome to the Year of the Tiger

This campaign is centered around the city of Haarlem.

The entire campaign takes place over the course of a single year, and is intended to force the players to progress from level 1 to level 30.

Most of this progression is done through ordinary sessions, but a small portion of experience is granted through Homework assignments. Each player is expected to provide information about themselves and their friends, organizations, allies, items, etc. In addition a few Roleplay Assignments are given out to either enhance the characters or work through situations which are difficult in a standard session environment. Please Note: ALL of these assignments are voluntary. I try to build these to benefit you and your character, and to make the game center around you. Their completion grants you extra experience, and if you do not do the homework you will slowly fall behind those who do, particularly if your attendance is low. See House Rules for resolution of this issue.

House Rules are fairly common in my campaign, simply because the rules either don’t make sense to me or because I want to do something to tweak them for better functionality.

Throughout the campaign, Favors are occasionally granted or requested. Although this is relatively rare, it has occurred on more than one occasion already. In order to keep track of who owes what, I have decided to add a page.

Most of the campaign is made up of little mini-stories and plots, called Quests. In addition to party-wide quests, each individual player should always have a “private” quest in mind when they get ready for adventuring. Please check here to see if you have one right now. If not, please discuss with me what you think your next quest should be related to, and we will work something in. Please note: I don’t promise you perfect control over your quests, but if you have some idea about where you want to take your character, it is easier to design quests with that in mind. Also, you CAN have more than one quest “active” at a time, so if you are trying to hook up with that cute guy you saw AND trying to rank up in your guild, those could both be quests.

At this point in time, Thursday night has 7 active players. As we try to keep it around 7, we are not recruiting any positions. If you would like to join, please let me know. If you know anyone who is interested in joining, please have them contact me at forddnd@gmail.com, Thanks! We currently have a Waiting List for Thursdays.

Year of the Tiger

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