Year of the Tiger

Attempting to Fix the Present Part 5 Marcellus

Attempting to Fix the Present Part 5 Marcellus

Thoradin here with news

We report to Lady Alejandra about the cook who is robbing her, the cousin the gossip, the messenger who is the spy, the stable boy who is a girl, the priest who was her lover, and Michael the night watchmen who was a vampire who attacked us. She knew about the cook who was in chains, the Lady in Waiting her cousin she could not do much about, the spy well we wanted to leave him in place to feed misinformation, she said she would have hired a stable girl, to keep the news of the priest to ourselves. Michael however she wanted us to find and find out if he was loyal and if he still had obligations to his sire and who his sire was.

It took us a lot of checking and Luna quite a few drinks to finally find him. He was in a seedy bar having a drink. We approach him blocking his exit and greet him telling him that we needed to talk and the fact that we were not attacking him should be a sign of our good will. He agreed. We told him that is employer had sent us to contact him and find out some information from him. If he was loyal to his employer and who his sire was and if he was still obligated to him. He said he was loyal, but that he was obligated to his sire who had just found out that he worked for Lady Alejandra and his name was Marcellus the underboss who thought he had hired us to deal with Lady Alejandra. Speaking to Raja he said he probably would not have done as well if she had been there as he practically glowed with the power of Pelor.

Michael was willing to give us the location of Marcellus’s hideout and tell us about the layout when we told him we wanted to deal with him. He also offered us a ransom for Marcellus’s head to prove he was no longer obligated to him. He wanted us to spare a new female vampire who would be at the hideout who would defend Marcellus. So we got his information said we would do what we could and returned to Lady Alejandra’s estate and talked to Riana asking about dealing with a vampire. She indicated that he was probably vulnerable to fire and radiant and only stopped regenerating when exposed to direct sunlight. Luna and I put enough money together to purchase 5 vials of holy water to use against the vampire. Then we took and extended rest so we would go against him at full power.

We arrive at his headquarters the next morning. It appears to be a small shack however after we enter it becomes apparent that the headquarters encompasses the surrounding buildings as well. We are greeted by a male undead who asks us to state our business. We tell him we have come to talk to Marcellus; he takes us to him and leaves. Derrick and Luna have rigged Walter with holy water and alchemist’s fire. As we are talking he approaches Marcellus. Marcellus asks us about Lady Alejandra we state that she has found out about his spy and that he also had another person who worked for her. At this point Marcellus notices Walter and that he is unusually dressed Derrick says he is wearing a hat and that seems to calm Marcellus. Marcellus says that it is unfortunate that he only found out about Michael being employed after he was no longer employed. We respond that we know of a way to get him his job back. At that moment Walter explodes and the fight is on.

It takes about 2 rounds for us to bloody him the first time and he did not stay that way long. He summons a group of undead minions and we are in for a real fight. Raja rebukes undead and that did some serious damage as well as Derrick’s attack. Marcellus ends up dazed and immobilized so we have a little better chance at him. Another few rounds and Luna manages to cut off his head. I will report more next time.



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