Year of the Tiger

Attempting to Fix the Present Part 6 Judges

Attempting to Fix the Present Part 6 Judges

Thoradin here with news

We are in Marcellus’s headquarters with him in two pieces and several of his associates newly destroyed what to do now. A search finds no treasure. We decide to leave and report to Michael and Lady Alejandra. I drag Marcellus’s body out into the sunlight and it turns to powder. Luna places the head in a bag and puts it in his haversack to take to Michael. We go back to the tavern and Michael is still there drinking. Luna plops the bag with the head in it on the bar Michael looks at it and gives us a bag with astral diamonds in it two for each of us then rolls the head out into the sunlight. I am much more content that he has been destroyed as thoroughly as we can so he should not come back to bother us. As long as we do not travel in time and cause him to comeback. Past experience with Lord Garrett tells me that no one is ever permanently dead. We tell Michael that we are going to see if we can get his job back and report to Lady Alejandra.

We report to Lady Alejandra she agrees to meet with Michael and was somewhat surprised that we had solved the Marcellus problem. She had received a message from Marshall requesting that we visit. He lived in a luxurious estate near the fourth tree. The door opened automatically some form of mechanical contraption and candles lighted along the hallway. We enter in and get to a formal sitting room with all kinds of animal and monster trophies around. An elderly gentleman was seated at a desk. He greeted us each by name but talked specifically to Luna after that point saying that he had a gift for her but she would have to get it from downstairs. It turned out to be a case of chaos berry wine from her vineyard from three years in our future so maybe there is hope we may have fixed things if we do not do something stupid. He also talked some about the dead god Saint Cuthbert, the one that Luna has a shard of in her chest. Saint Cuthbert’s realm Calandern has been overrun by devils and demons and is being used for a coliseum to stage fights and gambling. There is a female deity that wants to reclaim the realm for her own purposes. Apparently we need judges to decide who will have the privilege of reclaiming the realm. Marshall gives us a portal addresses to a place where we can find judges, the coliseum in Calandern and his own home.

Luna opens a portal and we step through and arrive on a demi-plane after some checking it is indeed where we wanted to go. We are greeted by several Maruts who inquire as to our business we explain the situation and he says that that could be arranged but there would need to be payment for the judges and we would need to determine how many judges 3,5,7 they always work in odd numbers. I suggest that three would be sufficient the others agree. Now for the payment astral diamonds, magic items, favors it ended up being 5 astral diamonds, my immurement, and some chaos berry wine. It turned out after some study that it was Erathis who wants to reclaim the realm. So what is now going to happen is the Maruts will gather evidence and make a ruling in favor of us or Erathis. If they rule in favor of us we will need to find the reincarnation of Saint Cuthbert who is said to be a paladin somewhere in order to clear the demons and devils out of Calandern and reclaim it.



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