Year of the Tiger

Back to the Present yeh

Back to the Present yeh

Thoradin here with news

With things supposedly settled in the past. We go to a shrine to Erathis and get the stone for Derrick’s book which helps me feel better about the trip to the future, present or whatever. We arrive in a field outside of what appears to be Haarlem’s walls. It is time to investigate the city and see if things are a way that is acceptable to us. There is a long line of people waiting to get in the city we get in line. We get to the front of the line and are asked to declare for the queen, dragon or desert kingdom. We ask for some help understanding the situation and we are led of into another room and a city official comes in to talk to us. We find out the current situation is that the city is surrounded by three powers the queen the old Shearneth empire and the peninsula, the dragon old Rockt and the southern continent with the old desert sea all wanting control of Haarlem. The city now ruled by a merchant’s council has had the people to declare for one of the parties which so far are preventing and attacks, but if one of the groups gets a majority the city will surrender to them and hopefully will avoid loss of life. The Azure Sentinels of this time line left the city two weeks ago to avoid influencing the outcome.

The current situation is that the Azure Sentinels declaring as a block for one group would cause a majority to declare for that group. We needed more information about the several parties to determine if we have a preference. We find out that Erathis and Pelor are no longer gods in this universe. That the god of the sun from the southern continent is the most powerful along with Saint Rufus they have the most worshipers. There is a large contingent of Moradin worshipers in the city. About one hundred years ago a half-giant lead a rebellion that got rid of the throne and allow the establishment of the merchant council. We send word to Nadia currently our patroness, after awhile she arrives and we explain our situation she asks if we have been time traveling again. We find out the inventor is dead. We left two weeks ago with Raja to go up north. Nadia is able to give us overnight passes into the city without having to declare. So I do a sending to Riana and after a few minutes I am able to communicate with her and set up a meeting with her tomorrow we need to stay within a 100 miles and she will find us. That done I go to the Azure Fortress and talk to the staff they were excited to see me and asked if I had declared. I said that I was on a day pass. I ask for an accounting and they said that the staff had been taking turns for awhile being steward and that they would have the accounting in the morning. Peaches asks us to go to Hank’s Tavern for drinks.

After awhile I hear scratching coming from below and a group of zombies have broken through the floor we start fighting. We are able to defeat the zombies but the needed to be killed twice before they turned to dust. We jump down into the hole and follow the tracks to an underground chamber where we run into some magic wards we are able to get by them. Then we encounter some more zombies and a Cyclops who teleports after Derrick when he moves and I charge him and am able to kill him, but the wizard teleports him into a necromantic field we will see what happens next time.



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