Year of the Tiger

Derrick’s Date and other events

Derrick’s Date and other events

Thoradin here with news

With the worshiper of the Hell Toad dead and the necromantic portal shut down Hank’s should be safe for awhile. We go get some rest and are awakened by Derrick talking about needing to go on his date now or it would not happen. I really wanted him to get his date but I really wonder about time travel and what problems that will cause but at this point I am more worried about what he will do if he does not get his date, so here we go. Derrick’s date goes well and the rest of us spend a quiet night at the inn having a few drinks. Luna and Tharek arm wrestle to pass the time. In the morning we are awakened by the noise of the townspeople talking about an invasion of orcs destroying the farmlands around Rockt. Someone wakes Derrick asking for help and he come to get us.

I am worried about the consequences of interfering in the past again but here goes. We head out to the reported problem area and sight a bunch of orcs burning, looting and pillaging. We wade into battle and these orcs explode when they die so ranged attacks are called for now. We start getting things under control and then a gargantuan black dragon appears and attempts to frighten us. One of us was stunned as a dark black zone settled over the field blinding me. When the dark zone lifted I took a might swing and missed then came back with a critical hit. The battle raged then the dragon tried its breath weapon and failed and swallowed its own acid causing it a great amount of distress and damage. The battle for awhile and we were finally able to defeat the dragon. We go back to own and Derricks girlfriend wants to come back to the future with us. Oh the potential problems; Derrick consults his book and this is indeed the black dragon who ruled Rockt in our current future and things will probably be better. At this point I am relieved that we met the dragon when he started the fight. I still need to talk to Riana and hope she is still friendly and does not see us as a threat to her.



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