Year of the Tiger

Finding Saint Cuthbert in the past

Finding Saint Cuthbert in the past

Thoradin here with news

We look around the church and any damage that was done had been repaired. We walk out into the muggy hot humid air. I perform the endure elements ritual and we can deal with the inconveniences. We find a trail and start following it with Walter in the lead. We go for some distance and then Walter gets squashed by something large that turns out to be large and gray and called elephant Luna and Derrick are able to inform me. There turns out to be quite a few of them ridden by young boys and girls some in the livery of the church we were in. We wait until they have past by and a group come by us. In the center of the group was a cleric of the church talking to several other adults. We step out of the bushes me no succeeding in looking non-threatening their hands go to their weapons and I raise my empty hands. They ask, “What do you want?” Luna says “We are looking for a certain paladin.” They tell us the parade will soon be over and to come to the temple to talk further but identify someone who is possibly the paladin we are looking for and send a young girl to guide us to the beach. Following a obvious but wandering trail we find ourselves at the beach and further down the beach she points to a man sitting. That is Rufus the paladin she indicates and refusing any compensation she runs off down a different trail.

Luna uses the orb and this is the person for whom we are looking. We discuss methods of telling him we thing he is the reincarnation of Saint Cuthbert without him thinking we are completely crazy. Since this is Luna’s quest she will do the talking always a risk as she is rather tactless. We decide to approach him with some information he might be interested in knowing. We head on down the beach the man is seated in lotus position floating about a foot off of the ground. He makes no remarks as we attempt to greet him. Making no hostile we wait several hours until sundown and he floats closer to the ground touching down as the sun sets. He then speaks saying his name was Rufus and he understands that we were looking for him, and then asks what he can do for us.

Luna indicates that we have some information he may be interested in and tells him about shard of the dead god she has and that he may be the current incarnation of this dead god Saint Cuthbert. He laughs for sometime. “Let me get this straight you believe in reincarnation and that a Saint who died in the dawn war has been reincarnated and that current incarnation is me. You can not be serious.” I am surprised that he does not just walk off. We talk to him for awhile about gods and saints, his beliefs about them. He finally agrees to pray about it. I suggest that I think that is a very good idea he indicates that a prayer of this magnitude requires light. Luna offers to start a fire, he indicates that it would require the burning of the whole forest I say we should wait until dawn before Walter’s incendiary tenancies cause something we will regret. He invites us to stay and converse until dawn. We talk of more things. At dawn we leave him to pray he indicates he will have an answer by that evening.

Here I am in the middle of the southern continent waiting for a decision to be made by a paladin of another faith whether or not he is a saint or god. This is a little bit crazy based on the explanations of angels this is the most advantageous course we can take but I am really nervous. The day passes and I spend part of it in meditation and prayer, not expecting a direct answer as Moradin has told me I know enough to handle this situation. I have made my choices and support Luna I her attempt to raise the old god. We go back to the beach and Rufus is floating much higher than yesterday and says that he has come to an understanding with his god and she has also given him one of her domains so he now has two. It comforts me greatly that he and his god have come to terms I feel less apprehensive because based on last nights discussions there is a certain amount of discord between the gods already and we are just the spark not the complete cause of the discord.

Next step to see if the ritual to reincarnate the god works, for that daylight would be desirable. I suggest we set watches and stay with Rufus. He agrees to stand watch also. Nothing happens during the night. In the morning the ritual go without a hitch. Derrick tests his divinity by throwing Walter at Saint Cuthbert Rufus and put up a hand and Walter explodes. Rufus talks to us briefly and then disappears.

Derrick has been working on something I am suspicious about what. When confronted he simply said ‘Plan B’ that makes me nervous at this point all I can do is try to keep him grounded.

I did not help when Luna was able to go on a date with Ezekiel. We wonder about the stone that was promised to Derrick upon completion of our quest. Marshall says we can probably get it at any temple of Erathis. I suggest we do so before trying to go anywhere in time.



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