Year of the Tiger

In pursuit of Saint Cuthbert in the past

In pursuit of Saint Cuthbert in the past

Thoradin here with news

We arrive back at Marshall’s home and he is writing a letter apparently to his younger self which he burns upon finishing. Strange behavior he seems to also be a time traveler. Luna shows him the orb and he comments that it is a very dangerous thing for Luna to have. Luna is a little indignant, but I think the comment is valid. Luna uses the orb to locate the shard of Saint Cuthbert finding it in a paladin somewhere in the southern continent. Marshall tells us we need to get some rest. Before resting I go to the market and sell the magic equipment that we took from Calandern netting us 500,000 gold each. I am able to upgrade my armor and weapon.

Derrick spends the time studying something and writing in his book. I am a little nervous whenever he does that. Luna goes out drinking and we do not see her until the next morning and she does not remember much except she woke up at Ezekiel’s house and had had a night with him. Derrick and Walter were exceptionally happy this morning which causes us all to be suspicious and worry that something is up. I need to talk to Derrick.

Now for the southern continent, we need to find out what we can about it and also see if we can find a portal address. For that we need to go visit a friend of Marshall’s Michael a scribe and book binder. We find some books that refer to the 11 dimensions and will help Derrick and so we purchase them for 500 gold and a map of the southern continent for 100 gold. He indicates that there is a company that has done business with the southern continent that might have a portal address to the southern continent. We go over to the warehouse and the person we need to talk to turns out to be Ezekiel we get the information and open a portal. We step through to find ourselves in an empty church.

I speak out; “Is anybody there?” and five angels appear on the dais telling us that we have reached a crossroads. That our meddling in time has provided three possible outcomes: one we get killed by the angels and our time stream ends, two we go back to our own time and thing remain messed up but we are provided for, three we go on and raise the lawful god and there is a war between the god and no mater which of our two choices we make we have to fight the angels and win to move forward, but first we must make the decision. We choose to raise the dead god. He asks us not to destroy the chapel as it belongs to another god. We agree not to.

Battle begins and after a short while we are victorious. I wonder at what cost.



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