Year of the Tiger

In the past in Calandern’s Arena

In the past in Calandern’s Arena

Thoradin here with news

The dice do not roll in our favor and the crowd chooses our opponents two winged devils. I make short work of one killing it with one throw of my axe. The others killed the other one fairly quickly. The dice roll a seven and we get to choose our opponents. We challenge the Mistress and she comes down to the arena floor to join us. She says it is unusual for her to be challenged but not unheard of in Calandern. She asks us if we want a boon from her if she is still alive after the contest. We ask for an audience. She asks if we want to challenge her as an individual or have her select a group. We choose to fight as a group.

In a fierce battle we knock her and her group unconscious. The dice roll doubles and we get to choose whether they live or die. Derrick consults his book and it reveals that we will be more likely to succeed if we kill her. Derrick and Tharek have a debate over whether or not to kill her. Luna proceeds to attack her. Derrick convinces Tharek that she is evil so they decide to leave it up to me. I act as Derrick conscience most of the time. Meanwhile as Luna continues to attack the downed mistress, the crowd leaves the stands as if afraid of us. The mistress and her party dead we cast “the speak with dead” ritual and get to ask seven questions. We find out that she keeps the orb and her treasure in her office and directions to get there. In answer to the question how to cleanse the realm she answers turning a high level elemental would be effective and we also find that Asmodeus rules the devils and some other information we already knew. After the rituals ended we go in search of her office and treasure.

In her office we find the book on her desk with the code to her and store room. Derrick and Luna end up unconscious from the gas trap in the room. We then figure out the combinations of the statues on the desk and find an antidote to the poison. Luna finds the orb she is looking for and takes it. We find twenty astral diamonds and some gold and platinum pieces. There is a map on the wall that updates in real time showing where people are and such. We find a passage way from her store room back to the arena stands. We notice on the map that people are coming so we reset the traps leave Walter to set off the traps they were very successful and we leave through the portal.



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