Year of the Tiger

Still in past finding Saint Cuthbert

Still in past finding Saint Cuthbert

Thoradin here with news

If the Maruts find in our favor we will have to reclaim Calandern and that will not be possible without Saint Cuthbert as a deity. I am reluctant to go to Calandern without him. The others want to go. We start by going back to see Marshall to find out what he knows about Saint Cuthbert’s reincarnation as a paladin it turns out after some study that there is a seeing stone called the avatar orb that allows you to see the location and current status of the shards of deity, something that Luna really needs, that will help us find Saint Cuthbert. It turns out that it is in the possession of a group of chaos driven people in how convenient Calandern.

So we are off to Calandern to watch the fights. There are several fights after the fights the mistress of the arena rolls dice three times. Walter wins some money betting. Then the dice turn up seven and I am challenged to fight by the demon who just won in the arena. With no way out I step down into the ring and proceed to fight the demon. It is a fairly short fight I knock him unconscious and the crowd lets him live. Then as is custom I can chose others to fight with me and everyone except Raja comes down into the ring we fight a equal number of others chosen by the mistress of the ring who happens to be the person we need to talk to and the only way we will be able to talk to her is to challenge her in the arena. While we are fighting, Raja tries to overhear what the mistress is saying. We are able to defeat the challengers and await the roll of the dice to see if we can challenge the Mistress.



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