Year of the Tiger

The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

Thoradin here with news

We get back to the future and this time things seem to be going alright. Riana shows up and we let her in. We ask her about the current situation in world, she says that the three opposing groups can be brought together under an agreement with Haarlem as the seat of power but there is a slight problem. A group of raksasha is in opposition to the current governments and need to be dealt with. They are currently headquartered at the guardian’s guild. We go purchase some things to get ready for the fight. Derrick opens a portal in the front doorway and Luna opens one into their teleportation circle. This effectively blocks them in for a few rounds. We step through, Luna going through Derrick’s portal and Derrick going through Luna’s and battle commences.

Battle lasted quite awhile Luna having some difficulty at the door and needed healing a couple of times. We were able to deal with them and no escaped as Derrick made traps for there souls so they would not just be reborn later to cause additional trouble.

After this things settled down for the Azure Sentinels.

Loof after leading the revolution settled down and lived his life out as a farmer.

Derrick raised his family before becoming one with the book, which as they say is another story.

Luna raised trouble with the gods for a long time.

Tharek satisfied with his academy looked for different kinds of adventure.

Az got married no extra wives this time.

I finally got to finish courting Atrid we got married and raised a family. I continued leading a congregation of the Church of Moradin.



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