Big tall and with a great smile and a kind face.


Loof sees nothing as complex. He sees the people of the world driven by either good and happiness or bad and suffering. To him there is no grey ground in-between.

Loof is wise enough to know that others are smarter than he is. He realizes upon his friends and allies to make the hard decisions and inform him what to do.

Loof forgives and forgets most ill intentions directed at him personally. If someone else is the receiver of those ill intentions and cannot stand up for them selves Loof will step in. Loof only holds grudges against those who do not show they are sorry. He understands words mean nothing to some people.

Loof is a follower of Pelor. Light and happiness are what life is about and he will defend them with all his might.


Homework 1

1. Tremor It was the middle of a dark and stormy night in a small quiet dwarven town at the base of a mountain. A very pregnant woman had rented a room had rented a room in an inn called Anvil Sparks. The owner’s name was Tremor. He was a quiet dwarf that just owned an inn and that was all he ever wanted. Tremor did not want some traveler to have a baby in his in; it was too much out of the normal. When he told the woman so, she gave him more gold than he did did earn in a month. Then she told him to send for a midwife. Around one in the morning, Tremor heard a lot of commotion from the room, cries of pain, and the cry of a baby. Even though He did not want a baby being born under his roof, he was concerned for the well-being of the mother and her child. He was not without compassion. An hour later, the midwife came out and said all was well and both, mother and child, were sleep. Then she left to get some sleep herself. Tremor was woken from his bed when the sun was just starting to dispel the night. When the baby did not cease crying he went to investigate. The room was empty! Save one large crying baby, two notes, and a bag of gold. The first note was to Tremor: I have looked on your heart Tremor Bloodstone. I know you will take care of my son until I come for him. I the years that followed Tremor raised the boy. He never hid the fact that the boy was not his, but he treated him fairly and tried the best he could to be a single parent. Tremor never though it his place to give the boy a name some he always called him “Boy” Sadly, when the boy was nine a fire burnt down the inn where he had grown up taking Tremor with it. The boy had awoken to the flames on the second level, the fire had already consumed to bottom floor where Tremor slept. Only by throwing himself from the second story did the boy survive. The boy was left with nothing. He was kicked out of school due to lack of funds. He did not miss it much he was not very good at school anyway. He found odd jobs in taverns, inns, restaurants. They gave him food to eat and a place to sleep, most of the time. Years later the boy was cleaning up a table and a fight broke out between two of the patrons. The fight ended up knocking the plates out of the boys hands and breaking them. Without any malice the boy, who was not a small boy, grabbed the two and bodily threw them out of the tavern. “Hey Boy,” the tavern owner said,” don’t bother cleaning up those plates, you just got prompted to bouncer.”

2. Loof’s Mother The second note was burned in the fire, but Loof had memorized it: My Beloved Son, This will save your life and mine. I will come for you. You will know when I am close or have passed into the void. I bless you with might in strength and heart. Follow your heart.

There note is not signed. there is only the symbol of Pelor in gold. It is a perfect match to the one on Loof’s chest. The mark never fades and grows as he does.

3. Naythen Formerly a Bouncer/Merc that worked with Loof a lot. They even shared and apartment to several years. They worked together in bars, caravans, bouncers; ext. Naythen was the one that gave Loof the name Loof. Naythen even took a knife for Loof once. Naythen met a woman married her and is now a happy farmer.

4. Kalina An Eladrin, golden-brown hair and beautiful. She is some kind of traveler. In Loof’s travels he has seen her several times: once with a jewel caravan, twice with a spice traders and even once with a circus. Kalina waved to him once, though they have never exchanged words. Loof looks forward to seeing her again and is sure they will be friends if they ever speak.

5. Gem Cutter Gem is the daughter of Kelmech Cutter, a Gem trades-man. Loof worked for Kelmech as a protector for caravans and personal escorts. Gem is only 4 years old. Once on a trip Loof fought off a rabid wolf that would have gotten Gem. During the rest of the trips, Loof was assigned to personal bodyguard to Gem. He also had the gift to connect to with gem on her level.


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