Riswynn Ironheart

Female Dwarf Cleric


dwarf female, cleric

She runs the Moradin orphanage where Thoradin was raised.

She is about 80 years old married to Berend and they have no children of their own. This is why she is so dedicated to the children at the orphanage. She has long red hair that she keeps in braids, a fair complexion. She dresses in fine linens of light colors. She is a happy sort fair spoken but quick to become angry if her children are threatened. She is very charismatic and has quite a few people in her congregation and to help at the orphanage.

She is dedicated to the healing arts, but can defend herself if need arises. She fights with a hammer and is very proficient using it.

She has been married for thirty years and is very dedicated to her husband.

Riswynn Ironheart

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