Cleric of Moradin


Dwarf, Cleric of Moradin AC 22 HP 58 Medic’s Mordenkrad, Distance Throwing Hammer, Swiftshot Crossbow, Symbol of Divinity, Healer’s Brooch, Dwarven Finemail

fort 19 ref 16 will 21

Thoradin is very loyal to those he considers his friends. Being an orphan he does not make friends easily and those who he comes to consider friends are like the family he does not have, but very much wishes. Having a family is the most important goal in his life. This is why he is working hard to make a name for himself. So he can get permission from her parents to marry Atrid Proudfoot . This is as important as his life.

He very careful about who he trusts because he includes those people in his family. The principal members are Atrid, Riswynn, and Berend.

His faith in Moradin comes from being raised by Riswynn Ironheart and Berend both of whom worshipped Moradin. He watched as Riswynn progressed through the ranks of the church. So after his apprenticeship with Berend he entered his initiate with the church. He is very devoted to Moradin wanting to serve him well partly because the church members and orphans have become his family.

In his apprenticeship he learned to value craftsmanship, doing a job well. So whatever task he sets himself to he does to the best of his ability. Also a great deal of the dwarven martial arts and became very proficient with the hammer. Both held and thrown.

As a novice cleric of Moradin he seeks to distinguish himself for loyalty to his chosen family and support things of highest good.


Year of the Tiger Thoradin