Year of the Tiger

Second day of Weddings the Hunt

On the second day of the wedding the Hunt was scheduled. Az, Trots, and Loof were invited to the hunt. The rest of us went to Breakwall to try and get the Princes to come to their sisters wedding. We arrived in and they were in the middle of a fight. We were able to get them to stop fighting long enough to get them to agree to come. Az and Trots went together on the hunt and were able to kill enough points to win the hunt. Loof did not do as well.

350 exp 450 for Az and Trots

First day of weddings Masquerade

We arrived at the masquerade ball. Someone noticed something wrong with the punch. It got spilled and cleaned up. We talked to the Princess of Breakwall, she was upset that her brothers were not coming to her wedding. We talked to the future princess she was finding the transition to city life to be difficult. Some assassins attempted to kidnap the prince, we were able to foil the plot and kill them. Not having your weapons is really a problem.

First day of wedding

We got together at the tavern and received invitations to the Wedding activities starting with a masquerade ball this evening. So we needed to get dates, costumes and masks. So we split up Trots to talk to a dwarf family he had an introductory letter to give. He arranged a date with the youngest daughter. We all met back at the tailor’s shop. The women spent time picking out dresses as they each needed five or six. After having placed orders for this evenings dress and costumes, we went to a inn across the street and were escorted to tables on the roof. Just after we began grappling hooks came flying over the wall and dwarves armed came over the walls.

Fighting was fierce some of our guests were injured before we could dispatch the bounty hunters. They had indicated they were after a bounty.

Exp 200

Dealing with the Kidnappers

We got a report from the guards who interrogated the kidnappers and got an address. Trots was deputized so we went to the address and set a trap on the front door so no one could get out without us hearing them, we then climbed up to the roof. We attempted to cut through the windows and found that they had magma hurlers trapped in the windows. We then engaged the leader in combat he got bloodied and teleported out. The room had no usable exits so Peralee went across to and through a window when Birel followed she was attacked and pushed off the roof almost killing her.

The henchmen opened the bookcases and the fighting began in earnest. Birel was killed then Loof ran of the edge of the roof and landed on the boss. Luna followed suit and killed the boss the rest of the gang surrendered.

Az's attemtped kidapping

We come out of the dress shop after getting Az’s dress, to find ourselves surrounded by teiflings. We killed all but two, the the city watch came and detained us for questioning. We explained, and the guard lets us go, taking the two that are unconscious, promising to send us a report on the interrogation of the bad guys.

xp: 500

Serena and the Dragonborn conclusion

The Party is reluctant to attack Serena and her friends so Loof stays and the rest go to town to see if they can make arrangements for the hobgoblin lands.

They run into a group of 300 dwarves on the way to clear out the mines. They bribe the captain to go slow.

The Prince had given them for training the populus of Haarlem. So they need to talk to the Princess of Buckwall about the land she is not there and Luna roughs up the steward trying to get information. He sends them to the Vizer they try and intimidate him he is not intimidated. They then find out that the our party has some property comming to them and for the cost of part of there land they can get part of the land that has a mine and water. However they need to make a deal with the opera lady to spend some time with him. She agrees. The party rush back to tell Serena.

The dwarves are getting bored, Luna offers them her supply of liquor they start to party.

The dragonborn agree to move if they can by the land arround their parcel. Back to neqociate with Az’s father the Judge. He agrees, lets Luna raid his wine cellar. The princess is angry about the treatment of her steward. Luna and Peralee placate her with some of Luna’s wine. They head back to the mine and Serena agrees to move out. So the situation was resolved without anyone being killed or injured. This was good because Loof and some of the rest of the party were ready to leave the problem to the dwarves.

Exp 813

Serena and the Dragonborn

We continue to search the mines, come to a girl who only speaks broken common. We try to figure out to where she is living and where her people are.

Pear goes around Serena, and sees dragonborn burning sahaguan corpses.

We start to leave the mines and only to see two dragonborns building a 4foot wall. Serena is leading them to build the wall. We report to the dwarven council and they send us to either remove them or exterminate them. we go back, with translation spell thingy. Spell doesn’t work. We try to convince her to move to another place, she holds her place.

Clearing the Caves??

We find a dragonborn warrior in the caves we are able to communicate in broken common. We try to tell her she needs to get out of the mines. No luck. We return and report to the Erathren council. They tell us to try and get them to move or to remove them they are in the most productive part of the mine. We return to the mine Thoradin performs a comprend languages ritual after Trots gets her to speak. Talking is still pretty difficult they are not going to move. We are probably going to have to force them. Some of the party are reluctant.

Clearing out Caves

Trotz hears a ruckus and a call to arms. He goes to investigate. There are 7 wagons filling the court yard, and chaos. The wagons are filled with wounded and dead dwarves. His is told to report to the Lord General. The place is busy with messengers and reports. The lord suggests Trotz take the group to beat up the Sahuagin in the caves.

We get there and start fighting.

We beat them and then find the next group in the cave.

XP: 780 and an action point

Saving Dawn

We go through the portal, come to a room with no windows and one door. We try to break it down using axes, fire and ramming it down. Loof gets attacked by a spider. We open it only to find a corridor which goes down about 20 feet and it branches into a T at the end. Loof explores only to find that the corridor goes down father. Loof knocks on the nearest door, hears a whimper. Loof opens the door, similar room that we were in, with a small girl (11-12) inside. She speaks broken elven We go with the girl down the other corridor, which has a steel door at the end. The window in the door shows a brightly lit room with other doors and another corridor. We look for a way to open the door. We open it using a pick. The room is circular. Two new doors and a passageway.

We go through the door on the left, close door behind us. We listen for 10 minutes, 8 soldiers come through, half go through the first door, four stay behind. They are human wearing heraldry we don’t recognize, well dressed for soldiers in grey and black. While the guards keep watch over the doors, we decide to explore the corridor. We knock on one of the doors, a hungry prisoner responds, the other door is empty. We use the ritual that Lurg gave us to try to get home, we take the little girl with us. Only to find that that we’re back into the same room that we came into through the first portal.

We send message to Lady Garrett: Do you know these people (images of soldier signia) what is the address to Harlem. We are trapped (image of prison cell) Have no portal address to get out.

While wating for reponse, another garrison comes by and goes down the two other doors.

Haraldry is unknown. Where are you, how did you get there? Can’t you do the simplest task? (address)

The troops come back and talk. They are very confused. The first troop goes back away and the second troop replace them.

We do another portal in the little girls cell and appear in a garden in Harlem. A gardener is very startled. WE go in and is later followed by Lady Garret who looks tired. Loof fills her in. Lady Garret says she thinks the girl’s language is Supernal. We try to figure out where the girl (Dawn) is from, but she only says she was around Fey Wild WE go to the field previously known as tavern Luna goes to her High priestess and talks to her about Dawn. We bring the girl to the high priestess, then they go off to another room. She comes back and informs us that they are going ot take care of her. WE find out that Dawn is the daughter of the Raven Queen. The high priestess is hiding stuff still, and wont tell us even if we confront her. Loof: “Ha! Now it’s our turn to not say everything” We leave the temple. The town is crazy, in preparation for the wedding Loof talks to his girlfriend for information. Thor goes to the orphanage where he was raised. Trotz goes to the temple of Arathis for info Luna goes to the arcane college, talks to the crazy book guy and head master. Birel talks to her uncle, sees if there is any thing. Father is there, drinking with Uncle.


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