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The story so far…

Growing up together in Haarlem, our adventurous heroes learned love each other for the idiosyncrasies and diverse interests, intersecting at the local tavern frequently in order to relax, swap stories, and discuss the things they would eventually do with their lives. Eventually they grew up and began to practice their chosen professions in various guilds and organizations around the city, but their thirst for adventure remained strong. Until one fateful day…

Sitting in a tavern, not their usual spot, they started talking with the wench there. She informed them of the Goblins who kidnapped her mother, and the adventures began! Since, they have accomplished a surprising number of deeds in a fairly short amount of time, including: bringing about the downfall of the largest local gang, the Black Knives; finding the girl’s mother, who referred them to their current Patron, Lord Garrett; defeating a band of goblin’s and starting a war with an army of Hobgoblins nearby; rescuing the (now) Prince from the hands of a local gang, killing one dragon and angering her brother; and more.

They now stand at the eve of a massive change, as all three parts of government shift at once. In addition, they have decided to quest in search of the lost Artifacts of Antiquity, great relics from an ancient past, designed specifically to enhance the power of the rulers of the city.

Election Wrap, First Skeletons

The group is informed in their own ways that Lord Garrett wants to speak with them. We arrive there. He questions about the Prince’s assignments for the group. He also asked for the political opinions of the group. He heard a rumor that the Sword is in the North being used by a certain dwarven cleric to defend his area from invaders. We are dismissed and then go to report to the Prince.The prince takes the reports and information. He will send out heralds to announce names supporting our candidates. We get new armor, the Erathrin dwarfs ask us to clear out one of their mines. We combat with Skeletons. We defeat them, and Ahza and Val see two chests at the bottom of the stream. Az goes get it.

{OOC: Additional House Rules have been added to the campaign.}

Countdown to Election: 5 days.

Dwarven Mines

While Az is resurfacing from looking at the chests, a giant crocodile attacks her. While the group is trying to save her from the pre-historic beast, a Sahuagin Priest, three of his raiders, and four skeletons begin to also attack the group. While the skeletons seemed to have simply wandered in, the Sahuagin and Crocodile was clearly a trap.

After the group defeated the attackers, we each get 100 gold from the treasure chests and from ‘looting.’ Experience gained: 270

We returned to the Erathrin Dwarves and were able to pay for our items (full amount for items, max of 2 items)

Countdown to Election: 4 days.

Teacher Mantala's Home

We were at our usual tavern when Teacher Mantala came in in a panic saying his house had been over run by the cultists of Orcus and asked us to please help. Azkadellia, Dark, Thoradin and Perilee responded. We got to his home, and found it filled with dancing zombies, an Underpriest of Orcus and a couple of cultists. We proceeded to attack the zombies. The ones we attacked fought back but the rest continued dancing. Until Dark attacked the cultists and the Priest said to “kill the infidel.” So all the zombies stopped dancing and attacked Dark. He was able to fight them off for awhile but he went down a second time and was killed by one of the cultists. The Priest and the cultist then entered the portal to the Nine Hells they had been summoning and left. We were able to defeat the rest of the zombies and get Dark’s body to his temple.

Countdown to Election: 2 days

Killing the Dragon

The group searches for 3 hours for dragon, and we find it. The dragon dies, Az does not find the hoard, but realizes that if we find the Kobolds nearby we will find the dragon hoard.

A careful search of the area has revealed the direction the dragon probably came from, and thus the most likely area to search in order to find the hoard.

Countdown to Election: 1 day

The Dragon's Lair

We found the kobolds and the dragon’s lair. Thoradin approached and talked to the kobolds did not attack. He moved forward and set off a trap. The fighting began later in the contest three rat masters attached from behind Thoradin retreated to get out of the way of the trap. Perilee and Birel went down but were healed. Luna and Az fought the kobolds in the cave. One of the kobolds ran off the rest were killed.

Exp 450

Bar Fight

Election day, people are celebrating. City is loud, some taverns have free beer. We all voted, got a cut on our hands to prevent repeat voting. We meet in a bar. The elections are announced, Merlin becomes the Judge. The new Boss Riana of Stiletto. In the bar, a riot breaks loose. We join in fight, if only as protection… though some are slightly tipsy. Loof takes bets on all parties (confused bookie). Loof dumps a tub full of beer onto the mob, including tub. Loof also throws a chair at Luna… everyone laughs. Bir is incompetent with shooting. They are defeated. One of the mob went outside. Near the end Loof jumps down, and jumps out a window and goes home.

Matchmaker Matchmaker...

We are all now very drunk, and in our field of posies. A messenger finds Az and tells her that the prince requests her presence. We follow her. The castle is in total chaos. We find out that the boss has demanded the ‘rule of 9’.
Rule of 9: the man in charge of the city must have a council of advisers. Depending on his position, if he is the emperor, he has to have 9 advisers, if he is the king, he must have 6 advisers, the prince must have 3 (6+3=9).
The boss has demanded that the prince must have 3 advisers, one from each class. The prince has asked that we chose two of the ‘advisers.’ The advisers must also be the his wives. Az is not happy about this.
Prophesy: book of confounding puzzles, made over the last 10, 000 years, don’t always make sense. “The learned one will fail again”

“The rule of nine applies to him,
The cobbler and warriors daughters
the son of twelve, a wild one, a prince.
bring about unusual events

the final days, the lost cause,
the lives of many, two to choose
the bastard and the tiger’s pawn.
the laughing stock of soldiers gone

The learned one will fail again
as across the room the sun doth darken,
and ancient pact brings sudden glory
to an all too recent painful story”

Princess Taria and Candace are the ones the group chooses.

500 experience

Going South - Wizards Tower First Floor

The wedding ceremony has been planned to be in 1 month.

The party was contacted at the Prince’s palace by Lord Garrett’s wife Lady Garrett indicating they thought it was time for us to head south after the Cudgel of Ordered Chaos as they had booked passage on a ship for us that was leaving the next day. The trip south was uneventful, though the crew were terrified of us. We arrived at Exile about six days later. We found out about a wizard’s tower to the south rumored to have the Cudgel. We were told to go away by the door knocker. We opened the door and were attacked. After a short battle the remaining enemies went upstairs with us in pursuit.

Exp 300

Wizards Tower 2nd floor

The door to the upper floor was locked. Perilee openned it but it was blocked by a body Trots and Thor failed to push the door open, Luna riearia broke the door down. We all got crowded in the stair well Luna managed to pick the lock on the upper door, the door opened out so we all had to shift down the stairs to get it open. We move into the room there was a 6’ 6” human who proceeded to beat us up with his fists. Knocking Loof down the stairs knocking him unconcious and almost killing him. Azkadellia was knocked through the hole in the floor almost killing her. Thor and Luna finished him off. We then went arround to see the Drow with the Cudgel of Ordered Chaos disappear into a portal and a paper float down with a portal address on it.

250 exp no loot


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