The Boss is the leader of the Common Castes. Although the areas over which he has purview are the smallest of the three leaders, he still wields significant power and can cause trouble in almost any sector of the city’s politics with little difficult.

Typically a crime lord of some kind, the Boss is almost always brought to power by way of a coup. In theory his role in the city is to provide for the absolute poor and to assist in bringing the Masses out of destitute poverty by turning them into Holders or Tradesmen. In practice, he is often little more than a robber baron, thieving from rich and poor alike in order to line his own pockets. Although a Boss must be from the Common Castes, it is common for one to buy into the New Aristocracy with the money and power gained during his time running the Commoners.

Once in a very rare while, a Boss will be a good man, and actually do his best to lower corruption, reduce the most violent crimes, and increase his holdings across the city. While these men engage in many kinds of crime, from blackmail and racketeering to peddling prostitutes and robbing the very wealthy, they tend to be more professional and willing to work with the higher leaders. These men also have a simpler time consolidating power where they need it, and often end up being Boss for a very long time. The longest Boss on record was in control of the Common Castes for well over a decade, compared to the typical year or two that most manage to maintain.

However, it is these men that the poor themselves tend to flock behind, as they increase employment and prosperity in all sectors and businesses, and tend to single-handedly decrease the poverty of the city and increase the wealth in everyone’s pockets.


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