Role Play Assignment 1A: For XP credit, this assignment must be completed by Thursday, December 12th. If it is not completed or if a player is not in the campaign at the time of this assignment, and alternate RP assignment may be given, at the discretion of the Dungeon Master.

Assignment: Read the following descriptions of individuals you speak to and the individual(s) they claim to represent for either Judge or Boss. They will be presented with the top, most common candidates first, and the lesser known candidates lower (for each category). Choose one individual from each category to get more information from. Following this, you will be allowed three questions, and then get a final set of five questions, of which he must answer three. If multiple questions are asked the same way, I will group them together as though they were one question (for example, Why this person? Why should I vote for him? What reasons are there for me to vote for this guy?)

Please do not discuss with the other players which people you got information from, until we gather for the next session.


A fair headed young woman, pretty but not overly so, talks on a barstool, surrounded by a group of men. Messengers come and go, and she seems to be in charge of the campaign for Judge Wilder, the currently sitting Judge. He as been Judge for two terms, and his surprise announcement seems to have given him a fairly major advantage. His campaign is flawless, and the only problem it has seems to be that they don’t have full ammunition against every contender, just most of them. Prior to his Judgeship he was the leader of the Jewelers Guild, and they seem to stand behind him still.

A dashing man dressed in swank clothes and carrying a decorative rapier stands tall on a table announcing rounds for the house, proclaiming loudly that they are purchased by his honorable Captain Roderick, a political outcast from the current Judge. Until this morning he was living outside the city to the South, but he has a name for fairness and a good price on just about anything. He intends to become Judge in order to more fairly establish legitimate courts and prevent injustices such as those which he suffered, so others need not suffer as he.

An elderly dwarf sits at the bar, occasionally drinking from his mug of stout, speaking quietly of the honor and grace Patriarch Adric, leader of the Church of Moradin in the city. A man who had not originally intended to run but was pushed to do so by several of his advisers, he works with simple grace and efficiency and has brought his church back to the public eye.

A middle aged man in well-worn armor stands outside an Inn, handing out fliers which laud the merits of Merlin, the leader of the Guardians Guild. Although he planned to run, he was very put-off by the rioting in the streets of the early campaign and almost pulled his name from consideration. As the day calmed, his aristocratic and royal contacts convinced him of the necessity of his name in the running, and he decided to keep going.

A noisy brawling Eladrin strums on his sitar while sings loudly off key, praising the questionable qualities of his chosen candidate, Lord Ashton, Master of the Vintners Guild. Although the benefits of the guy seem clear, “Free wine for everyone!” he comes across as a greedy drunken hypocrite.


A man dressed in dark clothes with fiery red hair approaches you, and informs you that your vote for Boss would best be taken by Dark Antony of the Tombs. Although some believe he is religious, he claims to be just another man trying to get out of the slums the best way he knows. His promises are lofty and full of rhetorical nonsense and convoluted logic, which makes it difficult to tell if he intends to free every slave or enslave every freeman, but either way it sounds like it would be better than the chaos he sees.

Mitch Cullen of Red Blood meets you personally, a daring move after the chaos of the morning, but he seems full of energy and willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means talking to every little old lady and buying a beer for every interested party. He talks as he always has, of the cold necessity of the a decent boss, one who reduces hard crimes but increases soft ones to pay the bills; someone capable of holding back the other gangs and keeping his cold grip on power.

You feel a light touch on your coin purse, and grab it to check the contents, only to realize the cutpurse planted a leaflet, rather than stealing your coin. It announces Riana of the Stiletto as a candidate. You aren’t familiar with the gang, but if the numbers it brags are any indication it is simply because they have stayed out of the limelight until now, hiding in the shadows. Out of the corner of your eye you can see the cutpurse slip down an alley; if you hurry you might be able to catch up.

Sitting in the dark shadows of a tavern, a man grumbles to anyone willing to listen. He speaks of the despair in the underworld, and how the answer to the problem is a simple choice: Aisha of the Black Knives. Although this gang has gone through great turmoil, Aisha has risen to the occasion, and since he fought so far so quickly, he can continue to climb upward and maintain control of the Boss position. Clearly this man would be best suited for the position, ruling the underground world from the shadows.

A skinny boy approaches you, and shyly informs you of the only man daring enough to run for Boss without the benefit of a gang to back him up. Rentarg of the Free Folk seems to believe that with the election, a true hero of the people can rise up and take the position. His promises are fairly lofty, including the freedom of slaves and the gift of food, clothing, and shelter for everyone in the city.


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