People the party owe favors to:

Lord Garrett. Although no exact tally is running, Lord Garrett has taken on Patronage of the party as a whole, and granted them significant gifts and items in exchange for their service and loyalty. Thus, they owe him service until such time as they and he can agree that the patronage is no longer necessary. Favor Count ~

Dark Moon, Paladin of the Raven Queen. Dying a terrible, barely honorable death working to clear the home of Teacher Mantala, his death should be avenged. The party should be searching out a way to find his killers and bringing them to justice. The Raven Queen’s daughter was rescued from her imprisonment, reducing the favor owed. Favor Count: 10

People who owe the party favors:

Lady Leandra, who was rescued by the party and then hired them to rescue her daughter, Alli. She had little to pay in solid money, but promised favors if she could assist. She has since repaid the Trotsky and Az, but still owes the rest of the party one favor each. Favor Count: 15

Erathrin Dwarfs owe the party a favor, for having gone and cleared the mine. Although they are getting items from the dwarves, they are still paying full price for them. Favor Count: 13

Teacher Mantala, a teacher and student of the divine. They cleared a portion of his basement of Zombies, also in exchange for items. As the party has now cleared his entire house and basement as well, he owes a fairly significant favor. At this point in time he is probably unable to pay, as he is working to get his affairs back in order, but he will be willing to pay the debt as soon as he can. Favor Count: 15


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