Haarlem is surrounded by unpleasant terrain in every direction. To the north lie the difficult Shearneth Mountains, to the east is the Old Wood, to the west lies the Swamp of Pontra and to the south is the Great Lake Desert. In the center is a fertile land, which originally sprung up as a small trading post between major cities, but has since grown into a massive cosmopolitan city. The city is separated into three primary social castes, the High Castes, the Urban Castes and the Common Castes. Each of these has additional divisions. Moving downward in caste is simple and straightforward, but moving upward is difficult and hazardous.

Each of the three primary castes has a leader, the King, Judge, and Boss, and each of these has a special magic item associated with it, one of the Artifacts of Antiquity.

Military and Mercenary Groups

The city maintains a standing Army and a standing Navy. In addition, there is a City Guard and the Wizards League. Mercenary guards and soldiers can be found through the Guardians Guild, the Fighters Guild, and the Martial Guild. Magic can be purchased at a few shops, but the best places are the Wizard’s League and the two guilds for Warlocks, Al Jahazra and the Warlocks Guild.


Many crafts and trades have burgeoned in the area, and are represented by the following groups:


In the Common Castes, gangs have naturally risen to supremacy, and the Boss is typically a leader of one of the gangs. The following gangs currently exist:


Several religions have risen in the region, including those of the following deities:


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