House Rules

The following House Rules apply in my campaign:


Charging rules are slightly modified to make charges more realistic and more difficult to counter. When you charge, the last three squares of your movement must line you up properly with the enemy. This allows a player to position himself more easily. It also stops an enemy from simply moving one square in order to avoid being charged.

Death (Rituals)

I intend to change the rules for rituals involving resurrection and so forth to make it both more complicated and more rational. I don’t have an exact decision on this at this time. If you have any suggestion, send them my way.

Exploding Dice

Using any given die, when it rolls the highest number possible, the die “explodes,” allowing the player to roll it again and add both numbers to the total. If they roll the highest number again, this continues until they roll a lower number. PC’s always have dice which explode. Monsters will explode their dice when they are outmatched, and will implode their dice when they significantly outmatch the PC’s.

This rule achieves a number of things, including additional balance in high level combat situations and the extra element of luck and tension which is added to every combat situation. As a result, it has been found invaluable, and the players seem to really enjoy it.

Far Spell Feat

This feat functions as Far Shot or Far Throw, but applies to ranged magic spells. It is important to note that this only applies to ranged spells, not to area spells. The range at which you can hit an enemy increases slightly with this feet, such that your range increases based on your initial range for a given power. See table below:

Original Range Additional Distance New Range
05 +2 07
10 +3 13
15 +4 19
20 +4 24

Homework Assignments

Homework is assigned slowly, over the course of the campaign (although catch-up assignments can be performed as quickly as desired. These cover a variety of purposes, from making the DM’s job easier and adding NPC’s to the campaign that the DM wouldn’t necessarily have thought of to developing PC backgrounds and dealing with RP situations that couldn’t exist otherwise, for whatever reason.

Magic Item Purchase Rules

Magic Items can be purchased or made up to a character’s current level, unless a feat gives them access to higher levels. In order to purchase magic items above this level, the character must find a provider for the item and roleplay the purchase. Often this will involve doing (or merely owing) a favor for the shopkeeper or tradesman, but other options do exist (including diplomacy or a combination of bluff/intimidate). Players should be creative in these roleplay environments, and not merely go along with whatever the NPC suggests (or they are being taken advantage of).

No Experience Tracked

Due to concerns about overall party balance, we no longer track experience, but instead have everyone level up at the same time.

House Rules

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