“It’s not stealing if they are dead”- James
“Did you just punch a dragon? That’s gutsy.” AJ
“A night out on the town with Wikipedia would give anyone a hangover”- Dom
“Cake of invisibility” – Dom

“Well, if there is a spring that means there’s…” Az
“WATER”- Loof

“death is inevitable”- dragonborn
“Yes, but you can put it off”- loof.

“Blah Blah Blah Arathis. Blah blah blah racial discussion” -Luna

“Yes, the two women need to be men and face up to when they’ve done wrong”- Birel

“And you kill all the sahaguan, like the vicious….”-God
“We’re thorough” – Tek
“Thoroughly vicious”- Thor

“My sneezes weigh more than you”- Loof

“Yes, ‘cause a smile from Loof will make anyone feel warm and fuzzy”-Pose

“I don’t think she wants to fight us, ‘cause there is a lot of us and I’m mean and I will kill her….”-Loof

“My home, no pass”-Serena
“Ok, I’m going to pass her now”- Pear

“Sorry my companion is a little slow”-Trotz
“Start running an’ we’ll see how slow I am”-Loof

“You’re confusing her!”-Loof
“You’re easily confused”- Pear
“That’s why I’m translating”-Loof

“Is you’re name ‘Home’?”-Loof
“Who?”- Serena

“Thanks for killing frogs, we can arrange for me to be your reward”- Trotz in translation.. retranslated.

“The frog people, they must die!” –Dom

“What, you’re not going to share your hearts?”- Trotz
“No” ::growls:: – Loof

“He smells like Jesus?” –Joseph

“What? Hannah Montana zombies??”-Dom

“Bad God, bad!!!”- Luna

“Is the guy with the mace the four armed guy?”-AJ
“Yeah”- God
“Dibbs”- AJ

“OK!”- Loof

er- April something-th
“You see a spider on your arm.”- GOD
“I scream like a manly girl.”- Loof

“What, you don’t speak ‘zealot’?”- Trotz

“Martial art of the 3 story fall”- Loof

“When I re-arrange my feats…”- Luna
“Wait, you’re going to re-arrange your feets?” –AJ

“Hi, have any packages come in for ‘no one in particular’”- Pear

James- “Don’t sass me God.”

Mari-“Are there cookies?”

Mari-“What does the tower look like?”
Antique Dealer-“…A tower.”

Fear- “Fear me!”

Loof- “Com on in, the lilies are fine!”
James- “They’re posies.”
Loof- ::Drunk::

Prince- “I have something to tell you.”
Loof- “Are you pregnant?”

Trotz- “I vote for Loof.”
Loof- “I would advise you to the best of my knowledge.”
Prince- “You are not eligible.”
Loof- “But I’m single.”
Prince-“You’re a man.”

Prince-“The advisers must be my wives.”
Az- “WHAT??”

Loof- “You’re trying to fail the interview, so if she gets picked, you would fail.”
All- “Errr… what?”

Luna- “Loof has a crush.”
Loof- “Do you want a crush? ::threat threat::”

Loof- “If we put her in office, she’ll outlaw axes.”

AJ/Loof- “It’s only a game.”

Tek-”I can’t use it, I curse dice!”
Dom- “That’s ok, they are Holly’s dice.”

Dom-”It’s not a bread, it’s a tortilla.”
Tek- “It’s like a bread”
Brianna-”It’s a friend of bread”
James-”It’s like ‘I can’t believe it’s not bread’”

Kobold-”There are more of us!”
Us-”How many more?”

Us-”Ohhh, treasure!”
Crocodile- ::chomp::

Brianne- “Away from Harry Potter, back to Fantasy.”

Dom- “He does not attack you.”
Holly- “Why not?”

Tek- “Un-erase! Un-erase! ::erase erase::”


Year of the Tiger tekalon