Year of the Tiger

Called to the present

Called to the present

Thoradin here with news

We went back and reported to the Queen and she gave us tracks of land as a reward for our help. We now may own land in Rockt with who we are at war in the present. Luna receives a sending from Nadia indicating that Lord Garrett is near to death and she needs our help. So we say fair well to the Queen and head off to our pick up point. We get back without incident and head to talk to Lady Garrett. She provides a portal address and we arrive to find that Lord Garrett has been poisoned and is dehydrated and has and infection and that is why healing was not helping him. Luna and Loof are able to make a salve from chaos berry wine and herbs that helps him with the infection and allows him to be healed.

Luna finds out that a lieutenant vizier from Rockt is currently in their custody he is interrogated rather forcefully. She finds out that the deeds look genuine and are for tracks of land that are occupied, but if they are valid the rents would have been held in reserve in a bank. Luna tries to help get him released but is unsuccessful.

Lord Garrett suggests that we go to the other location to look for the crown. Luna opens a portal and we arrive in a wasteland the volcano where the volcano had erupted, but there was an entrance to a cave up the volcano a ways. Luna and Tharek sneak up to the entrance and find zombies. They call Loof and I to come up and when we get there the battle starts. We are happily knocking over zombies and throwing them into the lava, when a dracolich comes wandering out from the back of the cavern breaths and stuns most of us. The battle goes back and forth for awhile until Tharek dazes the lich and allows us some breathing room to attack. The lich is almost dead stuns all except Tharek and he is able to finish it off.

We find a place where the crown had been with a note from someone called Tasselhoff. We keep the note hoping to use it to scrye for his location.



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