Year of the Tiger

Dealing with the Artifacts – Discussions - Riana of Stiletto

Dealing with the Artifacts – Discussions

Thoradin here with news

We are at Lord Merlin’s house when the city guard arrives in response to the escaped researcher. We show them the body of the rakshasa and tell them that the other Lady was a rakshasa also. They leave us and say they will look out for her. We now have two prominent people who one was a rakshasa and the other who probably is one. What we should do with the artifacts is at stake here. I am confused as to what to do and feel it is time for divine guidance. The options are give the items to the emperor of Rockt, give the items to the leaders of Haarlem, or give the items to the Shearneth Empire people. The others wanted to consider going back in time and starting our own city. I think that is a really bad idea. After identifying the options I seclude myself to pray. While praying I think carefully on each option when I thought about Rockt I got the feeling there would be great bloodshed if given to the current regime. Thinking about Haarlem there is bad feeling about the king a somewhat good feeling about the prince, real question about the judge and a bad feeling about the Shearneth Empire. Derek is consulting his book, which is how he determines practically everything.

As we are discussing our options on what to do now, the bells toll indicating that the king is dead. We decide to go to the palace. When we arrive they will not let us in. I do a sending to Az to see if there is anything we can do for her. She responds help me choose new wives for the King.

We then decide to go back to the Azure Fortress wait and see. When we arrive Miharo is waiting nervously, we have a guest. The guest turns out to be Riana of Stiletto. The others check her out she is not a rakshasa. Derek looks her up in his book and she is one of the good guys. I ask her what we can do for her she talks about the recent cat problem indicating the rakshasa problem. She talks about Lord Garrett, Lord Merlin’s assistants. She provides information indicating that Lord Merlin is hold up at the Guardian’s Guild. Derek suggested that we give her the cudgel now I suggest that it was premature. We decide to check out Lord Merlin at the Guardian’s Guild.



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