Year of the Tiger

Dealing with the Artifacts – Lord Merlin – Continued

Dealing with the Artifacts – Lord Merlin – Continued

Thoradin here with news

We went to the Guardian’s Guild to talk to Lord Merlin and see if he is a rakshasa. The entry of the building has no one in it, so we enter and see people in some offices and some people in a dining room. None of them are identified as rakshasa. We talk to a few people and find out that there is a secret passage of the secretary’s office controlled by levers in the offices. We manage to activate the levers which rotate the rooms and exposed the secret passage at the end of the passageway we found a chamber that was down 20 feet. We get down by various means and find nothing at first. Then I notice the rakshasa who ran off, hiding up against the wall and combat begins. She attacked me first doing quite a bit of damage also poisoning me.

After that we are able to defeat her this time, but it took awhile. Then we find a note “Three centered in six.” There were six columns in the chamber with a space for one person in between three of us stood in the spaces and the passage began to rotate. The three of us between the columns jump up on the ramp as it rotates away. The other end opens into a large room as we go in we find Lord Merlin at a table in the corner. He says “I wonder what was taking you so long.” Examination shows him to be a rakshasa. I ask, “When did you replace Lord Merlin?” He says “Since before he became the Judge.” “Is he dead?” I ask. “Yes.” He replies.



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