Year of the Tiger

Going after the Sword IV

Going after the Sword IV

The party arrives at the tower. It is about twelve squares high having a door to the front and a boulder filled opening to the rear.

Thoradin hands Luna a throwing hammer as she does not have a distance weapon. They move forward and throw their hammers at the archers on the tower. Scrappy the bard climbs into Loof’s haversack and Loof proceeds to run up the side of the tower. Az flies up to the tower on her hippogriff. Trots proceeds toward the opening with the boulder. Battle commences in earnest at the top of the tower. Scrappy a changeling had turned into something scary so the enemies kept attacking him and he is the first bloodied. They then fought and killed the leader.

Scrappy turned into the leader and bluffed two of the four remaining archers so they believed that he was their boss.

Loof, Az and Scrappy eliminated three of the archers and headed downstairs. The remaining archer was headed downstairs and then realized that he had been fooled and attacked Loof. Loof fought and killed him and headed downstairs. The door downstairs was trapped and turned into a plane of magic. Az and Scrappy teleported by it, Loof was left on the other side.

Meanwhile Luna and Thoradin joined with Trots at the boulder. After some difficulty were able to move the boulder. They were faced by four Azurs and a priest. A fight commenced, after Az and Scrappy joined the fight the enemies were defeated. The sword was in a arcane circle trap by the front door.

Session ended.

Level up to 12.



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