Year of the Tiger

Going after the Sword V

Going after the Sword V

Thoradin here, now for the Arcane Circle, someone fired an arrow at the circle it comes back and hits them. Trots and Loof go out and fill his rowboat full of snow. Loof throws a snowball and ducks and is missed when it comes back out. Trots goes around to the front door and it is open.

Loof then steps into the circle; he begins talking as if someone is there. The sword disappears from the circle. We all step into the circle and see an evil looking dwarf holding the sword and talking to Loof. The dwarf asks us to sit down so we can talk about whether or not the current leaders were worthy of having the sword, also if we were capable of making that decision. He tells us the story of Haarlem and the Shearneth Empire and how the Artifacts of Antiquity were lost in the past by unjust leaders. Losing the Artifacts probably caused the down fall of the Empire. He said he had been hired to retrieve the sword by someone who we would probably consider unworthy. Loof tells them of the dragonborn we helped get some land as an example they were good. He asked if we knew how they had been treated since then, if we had visited them. We had not and it seemed to me that he had some valid points and I was wondering if we should recover the sword at this time.

Trots then fires a crossbow bolt at him and the fighting starts. Loof attacks. Trots attacks and misses. The dwarf attacks Trots a wicked hit with the sword. I hold my first attack healing Trots. We find out he is vulnerable to divine, radiant and stances. He attacks Trots a couple of more times before we are able to knock him out he stabs the sword into the ground and mysteriously disappears. Loof pulls the sword out and discovers that it is amazingly sharp going through stone like sand. He tries it on Trots to see if it still cuts him. It does. Loof cuts the door hinges before we can convince him to put the sword in his haversack.

Level up to 13



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