Year of the Tiger

Going Home, New Headquarters, Hank’s

Going Home, New Headquarters, Hank’s

Thoradin here, we managed to get the sword and we made it home to Haarlem. We stopped for a short time in Derhelm so Trots could court his girl telling her stories of his exploits.

We were at the Boar’s Head tavern having a few drinks and talking to some bards who wanted to know what happened, when one of Lord Garrett’s men walked in indicating that he wanted to see us.

We went to his home and found out that his home had been harassed by people seeking us, and he wanted us to get a headquarters that was manned 24 hours a day. He gave us an astral diamond to help with the expenses.

We went back to the Boar’s Head to talk about how to set up a headquarters. I noticed a girl talking to a gnome about Hanks the old bar that disappeared she was the waitress and cook at Hanks, Apricot being interested in what happened to Hank’s we asked her about what the gnome had said. She was to meet him at midnight and he could arrange for her to get back to Hank’s. She said she couldn’t find a job, so we said she could be the cook at our new headquarters as she needed a job. Off to find a headquarters for the Azure Sentinels (the name Luna picked), we talked to the owner of the Boar’s Head he did not want to sell us the tavern, but he did recommend Joffrey who found it for him. We went down to Joffrey’s stand and he was an amiable sort would said he had a couple of places to show us. Loof said it should be made of stone so there was only one, the city house of a former king.

We followed him to what turned out to be a small keep by the city wall. The garden had been neglected for 15 years and was over run and the keep needed some stonework repaired. We went inside it was immaculate (there is a spell keeping it from degrading.) It had suites, an armory, a library, kitchen, dining hall everything we need. We bought it. Now to get it repaired and hire a staff.

The group thought that Loof’s former girlfriend Miharo would be perfect for the job of steward of the headquarters but Loof would not ask her. We went and asked her she accepted for a 50% increase in pay, but she would select her own staff.

To get the keep repaired we thought about the dragonborn who had built some good stonework in the mine before we arranged for other land on which they could live. They were excited to see us. We made arrangements for them to come see the keep and give us an estimate on the stonework.

We went back to the tavern to wait to meet the gnome. The tavern closed and the gnome was in the alley. The gnome opened a portal into the feywild once we stepped through we could see Hank’s. Hank was there, complained about having no customers offered us a drink of some very fine ale said it was the best he ever brewed. As we were talking a group of eladrin demanding tribute from Hank, turned out to be who brought the tavern here to the feywild. We exchanged words then weapons, they were defeated and one ran off. We now need to get Hank’s Tavern back to Haarlem.



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