Year of the Tiger

Something is up with Lord Garrett

Something is up with Lord Garrett

Thoradin here with news

We arrive back in Haarlem me still wondering what to do with the artifacts. Loof wants to try on the crown I do not think that is a good idea. We now have to decide what to do. I receive a sending from Nadia indicating that Lord Garrett wants to see us in Gateway to Rockt. So we open a portal there. The governor’s tent is not where it was before and we find out that they have taken up residence in the palace. We get directions. Walking to the palace we meet an old friend Ester a white minotaur with one horn she joins us. One of the guards recognizes us and we are led into the thrown room to meet the princess and Lord Garrett. We exchange greetings with the princess and then she leaves.

Lord Garrett asks to see the artifacts and I am feeling uneasy about showing them to him with Loof wanting to try on the crown so I refuse, he asks again and I notice that his hands are reversed that he is a rakshasa and a battle commences with Garrett and his guard. Ester charges Lord Garrett knocking him prone. A human male teleports into the room says “The book says you are the good guys” and attacks the guards with a spell. One of the guards dies. They are minions. I decide to concentrate on Lord Garrett hitting him with a Rune of Rust which lowers his armor class. I then hit him with Tide of Iron which causes additional damage with each hit. A few more rounds went by and we finally defeated him and his guards.

Our new ally asked “who are you?” I replied “Thoradin a Runepriest of Moradin we are known as the Azure Sentinels or the blue guardians.” “The book knows you, you’re in here twice that makes you a point of reference I’m sticking with you guys.”



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